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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NLP improving Accelerated Learning

By Rintu Basu

Accelerated Learning involves three fundamental elements. Firstly there is emotional or state control, the second is self beliefs and the third is the tools and techniques. Generally accelerated learning deals with tools and techniques. The tools and techniques are only really effective if you deal with the negative emotions and limiting beliefs. This article will talk aboutthe first of these elements and how you can use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to make a dramatic change to your learning ability.

State control in a learning context is about two general challenges. The first is about being in the perfect studying state. The second is about dealing with the emotional baggage left from less than perfect schooling.

Many school systems work with a narrow bandwidth of study styles. If this did not agree with you at the time you might be left with some emotional baggage from the experience. Think about aged six being humiliated in front of teachers and your peers about reading. The emotional baggage may manifest later as a fear of delivering training, going on study programmes or reading new books.

Some schooling has a focus on getting things right or wrong with only one answer being the ‘right’ answer. There is a right way to answer exam questions and if you don't follow that process specifically you have the wrong answer. In a competitive environment there are winners and losers, perhaps some children may have lost at the time and after they have grown up, they are still holding on to the emotional charge. It is useful when embarking on a programme of study that you get rid of all of the negative experiences that you may have experienced at school.

Another is caused by having too much energy, excitement and enthusiasm to concentrate on getting the job done.

It is necessary to get the perfect state for your practice and study subjects. The state you need to practice stage routines with your rock band would be completely different to writing sociology essays for example.

Whether calm concentration or high energy is necessary Neuro Linguistic Programming has a collection of techniques to get you there. If you have negative emotions towards learning a particular subject Neuro Linguistic Programming has tools to help you release them. As you can see this is an important device.

NLP is based on modelling how people use their minds and process information. On a good NLP Practitioner Programme you will learn the techniques to build your own study process so you can learn faster than you ever have before. For example using Anchoring, an NLP tool you can build the perfect study state for any particular subject and access it any time you want. NLP Training Courses are geared to give you the methodology to be able to do this and much more.

Going on an NLP Practitioner Course will make a big difference to your study skills. Once you have dealt with unwanted emotions NLP will show you how to change limiting beliefs as well as how you process information the most efficiently. From doing this you will be studying more efficiently regardless of the huge number of accelerated learning techniques you will also study on a good NLP Practitioner Course.


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